Plum & Pink: Fighting Back

Continued from the last chapter. Also, this setting now has its own page to keep track of stories.

“Now, Pink, dear. Choke Plum again. Now.”

Plum steeled himself. This time, he thought, he’d be cleverer about this. Instead of just attacking Pink and hurting her, he’d cast a silent counter-spell. He’d break her spell using pure magic instead of distracting her by hurting her, like the Archmages wanted. Not only would it be painless, but it would be quite an achievement for him to pull off. Maybe enough to impress the Archmages into ending this “game”.

Seeing that Plum looked ready, Pink obediently cast the spell. Plum’s throat began to constrict again. Air was running out faster than he thought, and he struggled to keep his vision steady. Plum could undo the Strangling spell… if he could just work the counter silently… A gust of wind blew by, teasing him with air that should have been in his lungs… He focused. Yes! He could do it! The world was going white, but just a second more and… Continue reading


Plum & Pink: The Silent Spell

Here is a story continuing the tale of Plum, the apprentice wizard, his evil master Archmage Cyan the Elder, and a new character, his fellow apprentice Hot Pink. It’s based in the same setting as my previous stories with these characters, but is quite a bit darker. The truth is, I have a lot of stories about these characters after they’re done being apprentices, but in order to understand what they become, you have to understand what they went through before. And so, I give you this.

There were 16 members of the ruling council that governed all wizards. They were called the Archmages. And of the Archmages, three men were the clear leaders when Plum was an apprentice: Archmage Alabaster, Archmage Magenta, and Archmage Cyan. They were the most powerful, the most charismatic, and the most influential of the group. All other wizards (well, almost all other wizards) looked up to them.

But, in private, they were really very cruel people. Cyan, of course, had an apprentice named Plum. And Magenta had his own apprentice, a young woman whose wizard name was Hot Pink. In order to be an apprentice, they had to live under their master’s roofs and serve them in any ways they required during their terms as apprentices. What this should have meant was help around the house, doing some chores, in payment for room, board, and magical instruction. But Plum’s and Pink’s masters went well beyond that. They saw their apprentices first and foremost as toys, and maybe second as students. In short, old Cyan and old Magenta were physically, sexually, and psychologically abusive, and cared about their apprentices’ education only in how it made them look, as teachers.

It would be too awful to recall all of the times Cyan and Magenta mistreated their apprentices. But here is one example.

It was late in Plum’s apprenticeship. He’d Continue reading

Rogues Gallery: Chinami a.k.a. The Damsel of Deceit

Here’s the next member of my Rogues Gallery. It’s a succubus.

Chinami, a.k.a. The Damsel of Deceit a.k.a. “Melissa”

Chaotic Evil succubus bard/rogue

Chinami, a succubus demon, has dozens of disguises, hundreds of aliases, and only one goal: spreading corruption. Her favorite trick is to pose as a damsel in distress, tricking adventurers or other do-gooders into spreading mayhem as they try to “rescue” her. She has a particular hatred for wizards, or anyone who thinks they’re smart enough to control the uncontrollable energy that is magic. Although, as a demon and general sadist, she’s not too picky about her victims.

Appearance The Damsel of Deceit’s true form is rarely seen, for she is a shapeshifter of the greatest skill. Usually, she assumes the form of a cute young lady with a particularly innocent face, and of whichever race and ethnicity is most common in the area. When she cornered in her natural state, Chinami has wings and horns that clearly proclaim her demonic nature, not to mention hoofed feet, clawed hands and reddish skin. Like all other succubi, she’s breathtakingly beautiful if you overlook the whole demon thing. (This gives a good idea of what she looks like.)

Special Powers Chinami has the innate ability to sense particularly powerful souls, and enjoys twisting them to serve her own ends. As if her vast skill at mundane seduction were not enough, she can read thoughts, and implant Continue reading

Rogues Gallery: Adamas the Diamond Djinn

Let’s say you’re Batman. You just captured the Joker, handed him over to the cops, and — hey, where’d you go? I just turned my back for a second… Oh, there you are. Stop doing that.

As I was saying. You’re Batman, and you just put the Joker behind bars. How long do you really think it will be before you’re facing him again? A few years? Few months? Next week? You know he’s not going to stay gone forever, right? He’s the goddamn Joker. He’s a great villain. Of course you’re gonna see him again. The writers love him too much to kill him off for good.

TVTropes calls this phenomenon Joker Immunity, and it’s a feature of a good comic book villain. Thanks to Joker Immunity, superheroes really only need a small number of villains to fight over and over again. Sometimes they’ll have a villain- or monster-of-the-week, but in the end, all you need to write a good superhero story is a list of usual suspects, villains to use over-and-over again. This is often called a Rogues Gallery.

Based on this concept, I’m putting together a Rogues Gallery of my own. The villains I have so far are designed for use with Pathfinder, but they’re not tied to that universe or game system. I think I’ll do one post per villain. Here is the first one. Continue reading