Pirate Discussion Questions

My two-hour pirate class is go for next Sunday Saturday. Apart from the trivia questions I already posted, here are some more interesting discussion questions I plan on asking. More points/treasure/candy will be given out to the teams/ships with better answers. What do you think about these:

  • Why did piracy flourish in the Caribbean in the 17th and 18th centuries? (There are a ton of reasons, none of which is buried treasure.)
  • You are putting together a new pirate journey. You need to draw up articles for your voyage. Come up with at least 5 rules for your ship. Think about how the plunder should be divided, what things should be specifically against the rules, what should happen if someone gets injured while taking a ship, etc.
  • Now you need to recruit some sailors for your pirate ship. How would you find new pirates? Where would you look for them, and what kind of people would you look for? What would you say to them to get them to join up?
  • You capture a ship without any resistance. You steal all the treasure, obviously, but what do you do with the enemy crew? Hold them as hostages, or invite them to join your crew, or just dump them on an island somewhere? Or would it be more prudent just to kill them? Why? Continue reading

Villain Quotes Solutions

I’ve got the solutions to the villain quote quiz below. Don’t view the rest of the post unless you want to see the solutions. But first, in case you’re still interested, here’s a hint: Each villain appears in the quiz twice. Now, for the answers:

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Villain Quotes

Villains gloat, boast, and taunt. Sometimes they do it well, sometimes, eh, not so much. See if you can figure out which villain said each of these things:

  1. Come and get me, loser! Spankety, spankety, spankety!
  2. Did you honestly think she’d want you when she had someone like me?
  3. Even my henchmen think I’m crazy; I’m not surprised that you agree.
  4. Give me your best shot… if you’re prepared for the void!
  5. I have seen your heart, and it is mine.
  6. I have you now!
  7. I see you!
  8. I shall blast my significant other, into the significant, other world! That’ll show her how much I truly care.
  9. I will then take your bones, still alive and in great pain, and make them into a chair. I will call it “My Screaming Chair”. Every day I will sit in it and listen to you scream.
  10. I…it’s that stupid frog! Kissed any princesses lately? Continue reading

International Talk Like A Pirate Day Super Fun Time Trivia Quiz!

Yar! Here be a quiz I mean to be handin’ out during Splash! Splash, in case yer a scurvy landlubber what don’t know, be an event where a crew of high schoolers sail to the college, where we’re to be teachin’ them classes on whatever we feels like. I mean to teach a class on pirates! I’ll be givin out plunder (in the form of candy) to whatever swabs be gettin’ these questions right, and any who don’t, walk the plank! I got no candy to be handin’ out to the likes of ye, but I can pay ye in EvilBucks.

No cheatin’.

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