Prince Romm ran down the palace halls, brushing past the many armed guards. They were permanent fixtures, not worth thinking about even on an ordinary morning. But this morning, something big had happened! Romm’s little brother, Prince Gared, had just learned a new word. The King needed to be told. As the athletic 7-year-old barreled down the immaculate palace hallway, he suddenly realized he didn’t know where his father would be! He skidded to a halt. “Where is my father?” he demanded of the nearest guard.

“I believe he is in the council chamber this morning, Your Highness,” said the guard with an indulgent smile.

Romm huffed. Who were those impertinent Councilors to busy his father on a sunny morning like this? Romm took off again before the guard could say anything else, and ran off at top speed. The armed castle guards jumped and started as he flew by, but Romm took no notice of their unusual jitters. Continue reading