Eviler Than Thou (also frutcake)

It has been brought to my attention that mine is not the only Blog of Evil out there. There exists another at blogofevil.blogspot.com (mine is at WordPress, natch.)  I wish to say, for the record, that my Blog of Evil is not associated with that other blog in any way. I also wish to say that the other blog has been known to associate with suspected terrorists. It supports a homosexual agenda full of socialist ideas that recall Hitler’s Germany, as well as Stalin, Mao, and probably Osama bin Laden. In a recent public opinion poll, was rated Not Evil by 95% of respondents (source: Fox News). So, who are you going to trust? Me? Or the homosexual terrorist socialist fascists who are so not evil, even their own mothers refuse to denounce them?

On the other hand, they have a pretty sweet tagline, which I will reproduce here verbatim. Continue reading