Gigas’ Tale: G.I.G.A.S.

“Muradin’s rusty blunt warhammer,” swore Gigas. “Sorry, that’s what Johnny says.”

He and Tiva were staring at a cloud of crackling black energy. It was as big as a horse and exactly where Gigas left it, all those years ago.

“No. Okay. No.” Gigas was practically foaming at the mouth. He’d entered that state of controlled rage usually reserved for mortal combat. “We’ve got to do something about this. We have to fix it NOW.” Without waiting for advice, he cast his most powerful Positive Energy spell at the cloud. The resulting reaction blew him 5 feet straight back, and did nothing to help get rid of the evil, cloying mass of Negative Energy.

The succubus helped him back to his feet. “That’s not going to work.”

“Okay, what? Antimagic field?” suggested Gigas, instantly going for his bag of holding and rummaging around for a scroll. Tiva grabbed his arm.

“No. This isn’t some spell that you can just undo.”

“Okay, what then?” shouted Gigas. He felt about to explode.

Tiva was maddeningly calm as she circled the cloud, looking at it from all angles. Some angles she looked at twice. Finally, Continue reading


Gigas’ Tale: Burning Fury

Gigas stopped his story, and turned away. Tiva sighed.

“This is where the portal to the Negative Energy Plane opened, and the undead started to appear. Isn’t it,” she guessed.

Gigas didn’t say anything. He just looked at the opposite wall.

“I’m sorry,” said the succubus, with true compassion (an unusual feeling for a succubus, but then, she was an unusual succubus). “It really wasn’t your fault, you know. You couldn’t have known…”

“That’s not how it happened,” Gigas said. “I did let him weaken the barriers between worlds, and that is why the undead started appearing. But… it didn’t happen… like that.”

Confusion showed on the redeemed demon’s beautiful face.

The wind howled in the damaged air around the summoner. There was a low rumble. And then a voice, a horrible, sneering voice, full of malice, boomed into Continue reading

Intermission: When Gigas Met Tiva

The exciting conclusion to Gigas’ Tale will be right back! But first, here is the never-before-seen transcript of the first, secret meeting between Gigas and the good succubus Tiva. Tiva has put a spell over Gigas, kidnapping him and making them both ethereal (able to see the real world, but not interact with it). This is the chat log between me and our campaign’s Game Master.

(9:48:30 PM) GM: So, you went off with a “beautiful woman.”
(9:48:39 PM) Gigas: Aye
(9:49:11 PM) GM: You and she talked for some time. It turns out she’s…
(9:49:19 PM) GM: …well, she doesn’t really hide it. She’s a bit evil.
(9:49:40 PM) GM: But she doesn’t quite strike you as quite as evil as she would be should she be a succubus.
(9:49:52 PM) Gigas: Intriguing.
(9:50:22 PM) GM: She tells you that she’s under the orders of a demon summoner called Perlmutter.
(9:50:31 PM) GM: He’s an ogre mage that hangs in the area.
(9:50:38 PM) GM: He’d really like to wipe this place out.
(9:50:48 PM) Gigas: This place, meaning the forest?
(9:51:14 PM) GM: No, more the general region.
(9:51:32 PM) Gigas: Ok;.
(9:51:55 PM) GM: ‘Cause he’s the evil.
(9:52:13 PM) GM: She was ordered to Continue reading

Gigas’ Tale: So It Has Come To This

Tiva let out a sympathetic groan. “Overshrunk too? What were you, an eighthling?”

“…I got better,” Gigas shrugged.

“I can see that.”

“Plus,” he pointed out, “I got to ride my familiar into battle. I don’t think I ever had such a noble steed.”

“You were that small?”

Gigas nodded. Then he sighed. “I miss Hup sometimes,” he admitted. “Every now and then I see a lizard and I think, what could have been…”

“What happened to him, exactly?” inquired Tiva. “You never really explained properly.”

Gigas closed his eyes. “I Continue reading

Gigas’ Tale: Gigas Is Growing And Shrinking

Here’s the next chapter of Gigas’ Tale. I’ll release the remaining three chapters as soon as I’m done editing them. Fun fact: This part of the story, along with the title G.I.G.A.S., is the first part of the Tale I thought up.

“Wait. LeBranche?” asked Tiva, looking puzzled. “I used to know him.”

“Really?” Gigas blinked. “Well, that’s awesome. What kind of demon is he?”

“A psychotic one.”

“Well, yeah, he’s a demon…”

“I mean, even for a demon, he’s nuts,” the succubus said, not at all insulted by the remark about her kind. Most demons hadn’t had the benefit of being redeemed by a dragon, after all.

“How nuts is he?” asked Gigas, dramatically. Tiva shrugged. “Come on,” insisted Gigas. “Was he, like, a little weirder than most demons, or was he completely crazy-go-nuts?”

She stretched her wings restlessly. “Suffice it to say, he was so crazy that an archangel, a Solar, took it upon himself to lock LeBranche up in a special cell, hidden on the Negative Energy Plane. Trapped in a dimension of nothing but dark energy and mindless undead.”

“Oh,” said Gigas, his face suddenly falling. “Negative Energy Plane. Yes, that’s where he was opening a gate to. Negative energy is Continue reading

Gigas’ Tale: Size Matters

At last! I have finished writing Gigas’ Tale! Yes, Gigas’ Tale, the awesome story of my primary D&D character, Gigas the Halfling Sorcerer. The previous chapters in Gigas’ Tale are accessible via the evil-looking Gigas’ Tale button at the very top of the page. The character notes, accessible via that same page, might help if I failed to explain something or other.

This chapter, along with the next three or four, make up the final segment of the Tale. They take place half in the time of the rest of the Tale, and half in the future, at the campaign’s end…

Grundosh had the biggest axe. That meant he was the boss. And being the boss meant he got first pick of the tasty juice. One of the other orcs disagreed. Now there was one less orc in the party.

What luck, finding this village completely deserted. The shamans said it used to have lots of silly little people in it. Grundosh hated to argue with the shamans (their axes were REALLY big), but there were no silly little people here now. And that meant that whatever they found in the little, abandoned inn, they could keep.

The food looked like it hadn’t been touched in years. Some of the bottles were still good, but some of them tasted funny. That’s why it was so important for Grundosh to get his first pick. He chose a barrel of swill that smelled sweet, and drank his fill.

Maybe he drank too much. Because suddenly he could see one of those funny little people, right in front of him. It was like he appeared out of thin air. He barely came up to Grundosh’s thigh, and he was wearing a lime green robe, red cloak, purple slippers, a dark feather hat with a regal crown sitting awkwardly atop it, a couple of shiny rings, an amulet that sparkled blue, metal gloves with red, yellow, and blue paint on them, and a belt with a bright silver buckle. Grundosh’s reactions were slow from all the drink… was this some kind of colorful ghost?

No. The other orcs, sober and angry (because they were sober), all growled at the intruder. They picked up their axes (which, to reiterate, were much smaller than Grundosh’s) and Continue reading

Gigas’ Tale: The Best Laid Plans of Gnomes and Men

“Okay, two very important things,” reported Gigas. “First, I totally meant to jump down here that first time, and I would have been fine if you all weren’t standing underneath. Second, the dark summoner is definitely up there, talking to something called ‘Lebranche’ in his fireplace. Apparently, Lebranche is going to send him a signal when it’s time for… something.”

After Gigas’ fall, he was a bit bruised, a condition which Bashsweckler quickly remedied with a few slightly painful pokes from a curative wand. Gigas had quickly gone up again to get a better look, and managed to hear a few words of the conversation by pressing his ear to the window glass. Now he and the adventurers were talking now around the corner from the Purple Worg, planning their next move.

Xanaphia groaned. “So he is speaking with a demon. Tonight, he leaves town, and summons something to wreak havoc on the city.” The elf’s pale face looked bitter. “I’d really rather not have to fight a demon… I wish you had heard more.”

“Well, I got what room he’s in,” said Gigas, “and what he’s up to.” The three adventurers looked at each other with looks of worry. “Can I ask a question?” asked Gigas, who felt he was being ignored. “Who is this guy? Why’s he summoning a devil, or whatever?” Continue reading