Gigas’ Tale: Just Another Dead Sorcerer

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Nirg the giant acted quickly. He bent down, over the edge of the cavern plateau, and looked down at the steep slope, with its winding, ridged path upwards. As he bent he hit his head on a stalactite, and swore so loudly that the cave shook. He got his focus back in about a second, and his enormous arm shot down the slope to make a grab for the halfling. The huge fingers closed around the helpless halfling, and Nirg pulled his fist back up.

“All right, who are you?” he said, holding his fist to his mouth. He opened it slightly to get a better look at the intruder, but nothing was there save for his palm! He looked down again, and there still stood the halfling, gaping up silently. “Pah! An illusion!” said Nirg.

The real Gigas crouched behind a rock that shielded him from view of the giants. He only hoped that they wouldn’t come down and look for him, because he was completely exposed to the bottom of the slope.

“It’s just a halfling,” said Grakka, Nirg’s giantess lover. “Don’t get all worked up,” she said, putting a massive arm around his neck.

Nirg looked softly upon Grakka. “But who knows how long he was down there?” he whispered to her. Of course, his whispers were so loud that Gigas could hear them clearly. “What if he heard everything? What if he goes and tells your husband about us? Agor’s the chieftain now! He could liquefy us!”

Gigas was not at all likely to walk into a colony of giants and start spreading rumors about the chief’s wife, and he said so. His voice, smaller than theirs, still echoed around the chamber, masking his position. He hoped. “I won’t tell a soul, I swear it!”

“You won’t tell anyone when you’re dead!” roared Nirg. Gigas couldn’t see it, but the 18 foot giant was Continue reading