Magenta: The Empty Canvas

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There was no getting around it – there was no way out. She was trapped alone in a sealed-off wing of the museum, and no one from her group would know where she had gone. “The sign on the door to this place said ‘NO ENTRY,’ it didn’t say ‘NO EXIT!'” said Magenta aloud, giggling to herself nervously.

She had a short freak-out. This involved spinning around in circles looking for lost doors and much pulling of her curly brown hair, and running through random doors only to always end up back in the room with the empty canvas. After encountering the room for the tenth time, the young woman stopped running. She doubled over and caught her breath.

“All right. All right. Why am I running?” the sorceress muttered to herself. “No one’s looking. I’ll just teleport out of here. I’ll reappear in a ladies’ room, then catch up with the rest of the class.” Magenta ran over the plan several times in her head. It felt almost too simple, but surely the worst that could happen is that someone else would notice her appearing out of thin air in the ladies’, and she could always modify memories if it came to that.

Magenta closed her eyes, as if the blank, framed canvas that dominated the room distracted her. She took a deep breath. Then she spoke the incantation for the Teleport spell. Continue reading


Magenta: Museum Madness

This is a story about Magenta. Recall that Magenta, formerly known as Hot Pink, is a recently qualified witch, now cut loose from the master who abused her as an apprentice. Previous stories in this setting can be seen here.

With her ex-master disposed of, Magenta felt freer than she had in her life. No longer forced to live in his house, no longer forced to obey anyone’s rules, and cleared of any wrongdoing by the Archmages who ruled the small community of wizards, Magenta had no obligations to anyone.

It was a choice she made unconsciously, the sort of thing that “just sort of happens” when someone knows what she wants instinctively. Magenta cut herself off from the rest of the wizards and witches. Not from magic. After all, she hadn’t just spent seven years studying the art for nothing. She learned not only how to use magic, but how to hide it from others. So she she didn’t need anyone else any more, really. Not even her friend Plum, now called Cyan. It had been his idea to do in their former masters, but now she had come to associate him with them, and just stopped seeing or talking to him. To repeat: Magenta cut herself off from her fellows.

Instead, she decided to take a cover name and enroll in a university. Magenta’s magical education hadn’t covered anything except magic. Magic helped her get into the school of her choice, a prestigious school in a big city. Once there, things started to become challenging again. Magenta took a major in Psychology. She figured being able to cast thought-reading and mind-bending spells would be a big help to her there, but she did find the lectures pretty boring. So, she took a minor in another subject – art ¬†history.

And it was on a field trip for art history, that something quite extraordinary happened involving Magenta, the lost kingdom, the curious canvas, the court magician, and an unsolved art heist. Continue reading