24, Part 1

A while ago, during a boring class, I wrote the outline for a full season of 24. The show has been canceled now, and the direction the show took doesn’t quite mesh with the story I had planned. But I don’t think it matters much. I have a lot of notes, and I don’t think they’re all worth posting, but I am going to put up my hour-by-hour summary. This is part one.

The following takes place from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM. Events occur in real time.

  1. An undercover agent in a terror cell calls home to base, telling them about an assassination attempt to take place later that day. He is shot dead before explaining who the target is. The Counter Terrorist Unit calls Jack Bauer. JB claims that he’s retired, that he was fired, that he never worked for CTU anyway, that he is a foreign spy, and that he is dead, and then he hangs up. Then Kim calls and says she’s coming over. Suddenly Jack decides to help out CTU after all. He meets the current crew, which includes Chloe, director Jason Farber, agents Harold Petin and Nick Sarro, and Jeannie Prun, who Chloe has brought over from a different CTU location, for training. Meanwhile, an apparently unrelated man named Walter Barry tells his family he has to leave early for work, because he has an important meeting. As the episode closes, we see him on the phone, planning to sell weapons to the terrorists.
  2. Jack Bauer learns of some potential targets for the assassination. The most likely target is a campaign fundraiser in Los Angeles for Vice President Joe Packer’s presidential run, at which both he and outgoing President Barack O. Palmer Continue reading