Gigas’ Tale: G.I.G.A.S.

“Muradin’s rusty blunt warhammer,” swore Gigas. “Sorry, that’s what Johnny says.”

He and Tiva were staring at a cloud of crackling black energy. It was as big as a horse and exactly where Gigas left it, all those years ago.

“No. Okay. No.” Gigas was practically foaming at the mouth. He’d entered that state of controlled rage usually reserved for mortal combat. “We’ve got to do something about this. We have to fix it NOW.” Without waiting for advice, he cast his most powerful Positive Energy spell at the cloud. The resulting reaction blew him 5 feet straight back, and did nothing to help get rid of the evil, cloying mass of Negative Energy.

The succubus helped him back to his feet. “That’s not going to work.”

“Okay, what? Antimagic field?” suggested Gigas, instantly going for his bag of holding and rummaging around for a scroll. Tiva grabbed his arm.

“No. This isn’t some spell that you can just undo.”

“Okay, what then?” shouted Gigas. He felt about to explode.

Tiva was maddeningly calm as she circled the cloud, looking at it from all angles. Some angles she looked at twice. Finally, Continue reading