Evil Campaign Ideas

Here are some ideas for RPG campaigns where the players are allowed to be evil. The hard thing about running such campaigns is that you need players to still be motivated towards some goal, and to avoid acting randomly (picking fights with NPCs who aren’t meant to be combatants). The first problem can be solved by giving them a well-defined mission, and the second problem can be solved by putting the fear of some higher power into them, either their own bosses or the long arm of the law. With that said, here are my Evil Campaign Ideas.

Kill The Batman In a city plagued by crime, one hero rises to protect the innocent and bring evildoers, like the players, to justice. The gang lords have gathered the party together for a simple mission: Kill the hero. Of course, it won’t really be quite so simple; he didn’t get to be the hero for no reason, you know. They’ll have to find out his one weakness and learn how to exploit it first, and possibly set up some kind of diversion so that when the confrontation finally comes, they can show that goody-two-shoes why evil always triumphs.

Heist! The Royal Vault is the home of the most valuable gems, gold, and works of art in the world. Its entrance is incredibly well protected. Breaking in is rumored to be impossible. But rumors speak of a secret

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More Campaign Ideas

Everyone Loves A Succession Crisis A small kingdom is experiencing a succession crisis. It is a vassal of another state, which has declared that it will recognize the second son as the next king. But the law of the land states that the eldest son must become king. A civil war is brewing, and all nations have a stake. Will it remain a state under the dominion of another? Will a neighboring country step in, expecting influence and power in return? Or will the small kingdom rise to become the next great power in the world?

The Truth Is Out There In the middle of what used to be a featureless desert, a strange tower made of iron seems to have arisen out of the sand. Inside, adventurers find a terrible secret: It didn’t grow out of the earth. It fell from the heavens, along with the strange invaders inside. This was just a scouting party… it’s up to the adventurers to prepare the defenders of this world, and fight back against the aliens!

Turnabout Dragon The princess of the kingdom has been kidnapped. Heroes from all over are preparing to assault the local dragon… who denies everything, and hires some heroes of his own. Can they dig up the trail of false evidence, prove the dragon’s innocence, unravel the conspiracy, find the real culprit, and rescue the princess? Or must the poor dragon pay a terrible price for a crime he didn’t commit?

Those Damn Gnomes A small gnome village is discovered to sit atop the world’s richest adamantine deposit. Just about everyone, including the evil human baron, the greedy duergar, and the heartless dragon want to get those damn gnomes out of the way so they can start digging. Are there a band of gnomes with the guts, smarts, and sheer old gnomish whaddaya-call-it to keep the mine in gnomish hands? (Could work for any race other than human.)

Angels vs. Demons vs. Devils vs. Inevitables vs…. Thanks to a recent schism in the boundaries between planes, a number of extraplanar beings have started appearing in the mortal world. Mortal heroes need Continue reading

Meier: The Orient, The Bocans, and Languages

More info about my campaign setting, Meier.

To both east and west of the continent called Occident is Orient, the other northern continent of the Old World. It is home to six major nations: Songae, Pin-Tu, Kampsha, Kamto, Shraa, and Cipok. Songae is loosely allied with Lasant, Cipok with Gard, and Kampsha and Pin-Tu with Urst. However, these alliances are meaningful mostly in terms of trade. Not since the time of old Gideon has any Occidental power warred with an Oriental power, although they have provided one another with aid on occasion.

Not much is known about these lands in the Occident beyond their names and these alliances. Different languages are spoken in the Orient; there is even a different Common tongue (Kamese, the native language of Kampsha and Kamto). Even less is known about Continue reading

Meier: Campaign Intro

Sailing day came, and you made your way to the dock where the good ship Saint Olaf was moored. Its destination, and yours, was the port of Morgan, on the island called Campierno. While the vessel was being prepared, dock workers were busily unloading another ship, one which had just made the two-month journey in the opposite direction. Two half-orc porters carried heavy chests, the sheen of gold glinting through their half-closed lids. Following them was the owner of that treasure. A human, his skin was tanned and his clothes were strange. He had a purple cloak with silver trim, boots with buckles of platinum, a belt that glowed as if with an inner magical light, a jeweled ring on each finger, two earrings in one ear and three in the other. A pair of swords hung at his sides, and he walked with a bit of a limp.

Spotting you, he beckoned you over. “Hell’s Bells,” he spat out, grinning. “That’s where you’re going, isn’t it? On all the maps it’s written ‘Campierno,’ but we always called it Hell’s Bells. Gods know the temperature’s hot enough down there… My name’s Martus, and here I am, back in the old country after 25, yes, 25 in that pirate-ridden, infernally hot backwater of an island, working my legs off. I mean it!” he said, and to prove the point, he shook his bad leg in the air. It fell off Continue reading

New Campaign Ideas

My semester is more or less over now, so I can get back to things that are important, like writing this. In particular, it seems there is a reasonable chance that I’ll be running a campaign next year. So of course I’ve got to think of a great idea for that campaign, and I find myself having too many. In particular, I find it hard to think of how the campaign will actually get started, and I may treat that as a separate issue. Anyway, here are some of my ideas.

First, I don’t think the time travel thing makes for an excellent campaign anymore. Now I think it’s basically an idea for a story where I don’t know who the main characters are yet. But it’s still a theoretical option. I have several new ideas, though, that I think I’m more inclined to do. And here they are:

Trust No One! The party members all meet, not in a tavern, but just outside one. They’re all about to step in for a drink, or just passing by, when suddenly, the whole tavern explodes. From the remains bursts an angry fire elemental, who the adventurers take down. At some point during the fight, one of them (or more than one) bumps into someone invisible or hears them cast a spell. Now, at this point, there’s no good reason for the adventurers to stay together, so they go their separate ways. But later that day, they each get a message (either via message spell, or someone slips them a piece of paper) enticing them to come to a specific building that evening. As soon as they get there, they are ambushed by assassins, and the next day, pursued by town guards wanting to arrest them on suspicion of causing the tavern explosion. At some point, they’re contacted by an underworld group offering assistance and an explanation. Basically, by bumping into the invisible person, they discovered a secret they were not meant to know, and are now the targets of a coverup. It evolves into a conspiracy that reaches to the highest levels of government and threatens to Continue reading