Plum & Pink: Fighting Back

Continued from the last chapter. Also, this setting now has its own page to keep track of stories.

“Now, Pink, dear. Choke Plum again. Now.”

Plum steeled himself. This time, he thought, he’d be cleverer about this. Instead of just attacking Pink and hurting her, he’d cast a silent counter-spell. He’d break her spell using pure magic instead of distracting her by hurting her, like the Archmages wanted. Not only would it be painless, but it would be quite an achievement for him to pull off. Maybe enough to impress the Archmages into ending this “game”.

Seeing that Plum looked ready, Pink obediently cast the spell. Plum’s throat began to constrict again. Air was running out faster than he thought, and he struggled to keep his vision steady. Plum could undo the Strangling spell… if he could just work the counter silently… A gust of wind blew by, teasing him with air that should have been in his lungs… He focused. Yes! He could do it! The world was going white, but just a second more and… Continue reading


Plum & Pink: The Silent Spell

Here is a story continuing the tale of Plum, the apprentice wizard, his evil master Archmage Cyan the Elder, and a new character, his fellow apprentice Hot Pink. It’s based in the same setting as my previous stories with these characters, but is quite a bit darker. The truth is, I have a lot of stories about these characters after they’re done being apprentices, but in order to understand what they become, you have to understand what they went through before. And so, I give you this.

There were 16 members of the ruling council that governed all wizards. They were called the Archmages. And of the Archmages, three men were the clear leaders when Plum was an apprentice: Archmage Alabaster, Archmage Magenta, and Archmage Cyan. They were the most powerful, the most charismatic, and the most influential of the group. All other wizards (well, almost all other wizards) looked up to them.

But, in private, they were really very cruel people. Cyan, of course, had an apprentice named Plum. And Magenta had his own apprentice, a young woman whose wizard name was Hot Pink. In order to be an apprentice, they had to live under their master’s roofs and serve them in any ways they required during their terms as apprentices. What this should have meant was help around the house, doing some chores, in payment for room, board, and magical instruction. But Plum’s and Pink’s masters went well beyond that. They saw their apprentices first and foremost as toys, and maybe second as students. In short, old Cyan and old Magenta were physically, sexually, and psychologically abusive, and cared about their apprentices’ education only in how it made them look, as teachers.

It would be too awful to recall all of the times Cyan and Magenta mistreated their apprentices. But here is one example.

It was late in Plum’s apprenticeship. He’d Continue reading

Item Bio: Tsurris

A little bit of lore from the Pathfinder campaign I’m a player in. My character is Cain Ahora, lawful servant of Asmodeus. I’ll probably post a bio of him later. But this post isn’t about him. It’s about his sword.

In the last years of his life, renowned halfling magus and adventurer Macher Kishef turned his talents towards the construction of magical weapons, projects that would contribute in a physical and long-lasting way to his legacy. One of his lesser known works was a certain greatsword made of pure adamantine. It was commissioned by a young man who, despite the loss of several fingers and a violent youth, had found the path of law and had recently been inducted into the Hellknights, an organization devoted to maintaining order and fighting chaos.

The young Hellknight wanted the sword to be enchanted with flame, and asked for it to be called Uris, which meant “My fire” in Thassilonian and “Scorch” in Azlanti (perhaps by coincidence). Macher forged the sword as requested, and inscribed the word Uris in ornate Thassilonian runes on one side, and in flowing Azlanti script on the other side, and studded the hilt with rubies.

Shortly before the sword was completed, however, the Hellknight in question was cursed by Continue reading

Gigas’ Tale: Burning Fury

Gigas stopped his story, and turned away. Tiva sighed.

“This is where the portal to the Negative Energy Plane opened, and the undead started to appear. Isn’t it,” she guessed.

Gigas didn’t say anything. He just looked at the opposite wall.

“I’m sorry,” said the succubus, with true compassion (an unusual feeling for a succubus, but then, she was an unusual succubus). “It really wasn’t your fault, you know. You couldn’t have known…”

“That’s not how it happened,” Gigas said. “I did let him weaken the barriers between worlds, and that is why the undead started appearing. But… it didn’t happen… like that.”

Confusion showed on the redeemed demon’s beautiful face.

The wind howled in the damaged air around the summoner. There was a low rumble. And then a voice, a horrible, sneering voice, full of malice, boomed into Continue reading

Gigas’ Tale: So It Has Come To This

Tiva let out a sympathetic groan. “Overshrunk too? What were you, an eighthling?”

“…I got better,” Gigas shrugged.

“I can see that.”

“Plus,” he pointed out, “I got to ride my familiar into battle. I don’t think I ever had such a noble steed.”

“You were that small?”

Gigas nodded. Then he sighed. “I miss Hup sometimes,” he admitted. “Every now and then I see a lizard and I think, what could have been…”

“What happened to him, exactly?” inquired Tiva. “You never really explained properly.”

Gigas closed his eyes. “I Continue reading

Gigas’ Tale: Size Matters

At last! I have finished writing Gigas’ Tale! Yes, Gigas’ Tale, the awesome story of my primary D&D character, Gigas the Halfling Sorcerer. The previous chapters in Gigas’ Tale are accessible via the evil-looking Gigas’ Tale button at the very top of the page. The character notes, accessible via that same page, might help if I failed to explain something or other.

This chapter, along with the next three or four, make up the final segment of the Tale. They take place half in the time of the rest of the Tale, and half in the future, at the campaign’s end…

Grundosh had the biggest axe. That meant he was the boss. And being the boss meant he got first pick of the tasty juice. One of the other orcs disagreed. Now there was one less orc in the party.

What luck, finding this village completely deserted. The shamans said it used to have lots of silly little people in it. Grundosh hated to argue with the shamans (their axes were REALLY big), but there were no silly little people here now. And that meant that whatever they found in the little, abandoned inn, they could keep.

The food looked like it hadn’t been touched in years. Some of the bottles were still good, but some of them tasted funny. That’s why it was so important for Grundosh to get his first pick. He chose a barrel of swill that smelled sweet, and drank his fill.

Maybe he drank too much. Because suddenly he could see one of those funny little people, right in front of him. It was like he appeared out of thin air. He barely came up to Grundosh’s thigh, and he was wearing a lime green robe, red cloak, purple slippers, a dark feather hat with a regal crown sitting awkwardly atop it, a couple of shiny rings, an amulet that sparkled blue, metal gloves with red, yellow, and blue paint on them, and a belt with a bright silver buckle. Grundosh’s reactions were slow from all the drink… was this some kind of colorful ghost?

No. The other orcs, sober and angry (because they were sober), all growled at the intruder. They picked up their axes (which, to reiterate, were much smaller than Grundosh’s) and Continue reading

24, Part 1

A while ago, during a boring class, I wrote the outline for a full season of 24. The show has been canceled now, and the direction the show took doesn’t quite mesh with the story I had planned. But I don’t think it matters much. I have a lot of notes, and I don’t think they’re all worth posting, but I am going to put up my hour-by-hour summary. This is part one.

The following takes place from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM. Events occur in real time.

  1. An undercover agent in a terror cell calls home to base, telling them about an assassination attempt to take place later that day. He is shot dead before explaining who the target is. The Counter Terrorist Unit calls Jack Bauer. JB claims that he’s retired, that he was fired, that he never worked for CTU anyway, that he is a foreign spy, and that he is dead, and then he hangs up. Then Kim calls and says she’s coming over. Suddenly Jack decides to help out CTU after all. He meets the current crew, which includes Chloe, director Jason Farber, agents Harold Petin and Nick Sarro, and Jeannie Prun, who Chloe has brought over from a different CTU location, for training. Meanwhile, an apparently unrelated man named Walter Barry tells his family he has to leave early for work, because he has an important meeting. As the episode closes, we see him on the phone, planning to sell weapons to the terrorists.
  2. Jack Bauer learns of some potential targets for the assassination. The most likely target is a campaign fundraiser in Los Angeles for Vice President Joe Packer’s presidential run, at which both he and outgoing President Barack O. Palmer Continue reading