Sorcerers & Apprentices

Sorcerers & Apprentices is a set of stories based in the real, modern world, except there are wizards. Unlike Harry Potter, there are less than 200 wizards world-wide, meaning that magical education is done on a personal, master/apprentice level. The prologue explains the world more fully.

The stories in this setting do not form a continuous narrative, but are basically excerpts from the lives of the main characters. They may not necessarily be in chronological order, or even the same format.


  1. Prologue
  2. Cyan & Plum: Practice, Practice, Practice
  3. Cyan & Plum: Practice, Practice, Gun
  4. Plum & Pink: The Silent Spell
  5. Plum & Pink: Fighting Back
  6. Sorcerers & Apprentices: Revenge
  7. Magenta: Museum Madness
  8. Magenta: The Empty Canvas

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