Meier: A world where Dragons rule the land and Pirates rule the sea!

Meier, named after famed game designer Sid Meier, is my homebrew Pathfinder setting – a high fantasy world currently undergoing political upheaval and an age of exploration. I started writing about this setting on this blog, but as I came up with more and more details, I realized I’d need a different format. Now, Meier has its own wiki, for which I have written over 160 articles detailing this setting the world, its inhabitants, and its mythology! This page has a link to that wiki, as well as independent stories taking place in that setting, which do remain here.

Official Meier Wiki

For purposes of canonicity, the wiki is the official canon. All stories here are non-canon wherever they conflict with the wiki.

  1. Morgan Campaign Intro
  2. Meier History: Silverstream
  3. Silverstream: Prologue
  4. Aptchi the Chef

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