Gigas’ Tale

This is a story about Gigas, the character I played in a long-running Dungeons & Dragons game with my friends. Gigas is a halfling sorcerer from the city of Hobbitania. This story is, except for parts of Part III, a prequel to Gigas’ main story, taking place before Hobbitania’s destruction by an invasion of zombies from another world.

The Tale is now complete. If you read the whole thing (it’s only about 1,000 words per post), please drop me a comment letting me know. I’d love to hear any feedback, positive or negative. Please do not copy or repost any part of this work, all rights reserved, etc.


Part I

  1. The Cooper Caper
  2. Hobbitania’s Dragon
  3. The Giant Cave
  4. Just Another Dead Sorcerer
  5. Topsy-Turvy

Part II

  1. Introductions Are Out Of Order
  2. He Went Thataway
  3. In, Out, and Up
  4. The Best Laid Plans of Gnomes and Men

Part III

  1. Size Matters
  2. Gigas Is Growing And Shrinking
  3. So It Has Come To This
  4. Burning Fury
  5. G.I.G.A.S.

Bonus Features


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