Q: Why are you starting a blog?
A: Because I’m EVIL! Yes, I’m starting a blog for the evulz. If you don’t like it, I will introduce you to my Minions of Death.

Q: Is this blog going to contain daily updates about your personal life?
A: No. I will probably post some amusing personal anecotes or insights, however.

Q: What else is this blog going to be about?
A: Apart from proclaiming my own villainy, I’m mostly going to use it as a brain dump for short stories, ideas, and other random creative stuff that I’ve got bouncing around my head. I’m not sure if anyone will care to read it, but that’s hardly the point.

Q: Will you ever publish any of the stories you write here?
A: Certainly. I’ll publish them to my blog.

Q: Why is starting a blog evil?
A: It isn’t, you fool! This is specifically an EVIL blog. Surely you would agree that starting an EVIL blog is EVIL.

Q: Is this where I should go to learn more about / creep on you?
A: I’m not planning (evilly or otherwise) to make this my primary internet presence. For information, updates, and stalking opportunities, look at my Facebook.

Q: How often will you update this blog?
A: As often as I feel like. Most likely that means every day for a while, then every week, then a couple of times a month until I forget about it for a few years. But we’ll see.

Q: What makes this an evil blog?
A: Uh, let’s see. How about that bolded, italicized, underlined word in all caps a few questions back? That’s kind of a clue.

Q: Come on, formatting? Is that all you got?
A: I may have worked on setting up this blog on company time. That’s theft, by some definitions.

Q: Anything else evil about the blog?
A: The title of this post… is a lie.

Q: Whoa.
A: Yes. Not only are these questions not frequently asked, but nobody’s  ever asked them.

Q: What about me?
A: I’m afraid you’ve been playing right into my hands the entire time.

Q: Nooo!
A: Muahahahaha!


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