Rogues Gallery: Chinami a.k.a. The Damsel of Deceit

Here’s the next member of my Rogues Gallery. It’s a succubus.

Chinami, a.k.a. The Damsel of Deceit a.k.a. “Melissa”

Chaotic Evil succubus bard/rogue

Chinami, a succubus demon, has dozens of disguises, hundreds of aliases, and only one goal: spreading corruption. Her favorite trick is to pose as a damsel in distress, tricking adventurers or other do-gooders into spreading mayhem as they try to “rescue” her. She has a particular hatred for wizards, or anyone who thinks they’re smart enough to control the uncontrollable energy that is magic. Although, as a demon and general sadist, she’s not too picky about her victims.

Appearance The Damsel of Deceit’s true form is rarely seen, for she is a shapeshifter of the greatest skill. Usually, she assumes the form of a cute young lady with a particularly innocent face, and of whichever race and ethnicity is most common in the area. When she cornered in her natural state, Chinami has wings and horns that clearly proclaim her demonic nature, not to mention hoofed feet, clawed hands and reddish skin. Like all other succubi, she’s breathtakingly beautiful if you overlook the whole demon thing. (This gives a good idea of what she looks like.)

Special Powers Chinami has the innate ability to sense particularly powerful souls, and enjoys twisting them to serve her own ends. As if her vast skill at mundane seduction were not enough, she can read thoughts, and implant Continue reading


Rogues Gallery: Adamas the Diamond Djinn

Let’s say you’re Batman. You just captured the Joker, handed him over to the cops, and — hey, where’d you go? I just turned my back for a second… Oh, there you are. Stop doing that.

As I was saying. You’re Batman, and you just put the Joker behind bars. How long do you really think it will be before you’re facing him again? A few years? Few months? Next week? You know he’s not going to stay gone forever, right? He’s the goddamn Joker. He’s a great villain. Of course you’re gonna see him again. The writers love him too much to kill him off for good.

TVTropes calls this phenomenon Joker Immunity, and it’s a feature of a good comic book villain. Thanks to Joker Immunity, superheroes really only need a small number of villains to fight over and over again. Sometimes they’ll have a villain- or monster-of-the-week, but in the end, all you need to write a good superhero story is a list of usual suspects, villains to use over-and-over again. This is often called a Rogues Gallery.

Based on this concept, I’m putting together a Rogues Gallery of my own. The villains I have so far are designed for use with Pathfinder, but they’re not tied to that universe or game system. I think I’ll do one post per villain. Here is the first one. Continue reading

Evil Campaign Ideas

Here are some ideas for RPG campaigns where the players are allowed to be evil. The hard thing about running such campaigns is that you need players to still be motivated towards some goal, and to avoid acting randomly (picking fights with NPCs who aren’t meant to be combatants). The first problem can be solved by giving them a well-defined mission, and the second problem can be solved by putting the fear of some higher power into them, either their own bosses or the long arm of the law. With that said, here are my Evil Campaign Ideas.

Kill The Batman In a city plagued by crime, one hero rises to protect the innocent and bring evildoers, like the players, to justice. The gang lords have gathered the party together for a simple mission: Kill the hero. Of course, it won’t really be quite so simple; he didn’t get to be the hero for no reason, you know. They’ll have to find out his one weakness and learn how to exploit it first, and possibly set up some kind of diversion so that when the confrontation finally comes, they can show that goody-two-shoes why evil always triumphs.

Heist! The Royal Vault is the home of the most valuable gems, gold, and works of art in the world. Its entrance is incredibly well protected. Breaking in is rumored to be impossible. But rumors speak of a secret

Continue reading

Intermission: When Gigas Met Tiva

The exciting conclusion to Gigas’ Tale will be right back! But first, here is the never-before-seen transcript of the first, secret meeting between Gigas and the good succubus Tiva. Tiva has put a spell over Gigas, kidnapping him and making them both ethereal (able to see the real world, but not interact with it). This is the chat log between me and our campaign’s Game Master.

(9:48:30 PM) GM: So, you went off with a “beautiful woman.”
(9:48:39 PM) Gigas: Aye
(9:49:11 PM) GM: You and she talked for some time. It turns out she’s…
(9:49:19 PM) GM: …well, she doesn’t really hide it. She’s a bit evil.
(9:49:40 PM) GM: But she doesn’t quite strike you as quite as evil as she would be should she be a succubus.
(9:49:52 PM) Gigas: Intriguing.
(9:50:22 PM) GM: She tells you that she’s under the orders of a demon summoner called Perlmutter.
(9:50:31 PM) GM: He’s an ogre mage that hangs in the area.
(9:50:38 PM) GM: He’d really like to wipe this place out.
(9:50:48 PM) Gigas: This place, meaning the forest?
(9:51:14 PM) GM: No, more the general region.
(9:51:32 PM) Gigas: Ok;.
(9:51:55 PM) GM: ‘Cause he’s the evil.
(9:52:13 PM) GM: She was ordered to Continue reading

Silverstream: Prologue

Short prologue to the planned Boulder mini campaign. Takes place in Silverstream, a couple of days before the action starts.

The silvered blade sang as it flew from its sheath. “Lie to me again, old man, and I’ll slit your face,” growled the young knight.

“All right, all right, he was here!” said the bartender, eying the blade at his throat (which he instinctively valued at 83 platinum pieces). “But he only had one drink, alone.”

“Who did he leave with,” demanded the knight, young eyes flashing.

“Him? No one! Just wandered off Continue reading

The Life and Times of Bartemius (etc) Moor, Part III

Now that I have mentioned it, I wonder if I really ought to bring up the undersea shrine. Do I dare recount the events of my journey to that accursed place? My time is running out. To squander this miraculous oasis of sanity, this final moment of relief before I meet my end, would be unthinkable. And perhaps you do not need to know precisely how I lost my mind.

Yet if I lay down my pen here, or skip over this part of the tale, you will not understand. You will have read how my parents were eaten by a dragon turtle, how my youth was stolen in forced servitude to the terrible undersea abominations known as aboleth. And you will say to yourself that loss and slavery do not explain the crimes I committed. Well, you are right. My madness was not caused by those calamities. And I think my writing will be for nothing if I do not, at last, reveal the terrible truth.

I was determined to enter that tomb. Only its vaguest outline could be discerned through the water, for it was a distance away from the algae-lit aboleth city. When I spent several minutes in discerning details, I could see some sort of dome, with four spiraling towers standing warningly at its four corners. I don’t think I would have noticed or bothered with it at all, had not the aboleth masters been so insistent that we slaves keep away. This denial of information was the spice, the scent that drew my gaze inexorably towards it.

As I mentioned, I was free of the psychic control the aboleth used to suppress dissent amongst their slaves. But I was still dependent on the disgusting Continue reading

The Life and Times of Captain Bartemius Alexei Tollbert Sea-Bastion Benjamin Cumulonimbus Loki Moor, Part II

Read part one here.

The dragon turtle which destroyed the passenger sailing vessel, ate my parents, and destroyed any hope I might have had for a normal future is, perhaps, among the most terrible of creatures that ordinary sailors might anticipate confronting upon the worst of occasions. Sailors are famous for standing upon the decks or crow’s nests of their ships, scanning the surface of the water for any such dangers. But as I was about to discover, to the benefit of my survival and the detriment of my sanity, was that these sailors are altogether blind to the perils beneath the surface of the ocean, one of which currently had its slimy tentacle wrapped round my leg. The creature pulled me downwards, away from my ruined ship and the ravenous dragon turtle, and as the sun was yanked away from my sight, I did believe for a moment that I had survived being the dessert of one fiend only to become the luncheon of another. To my surprise, I found that not only did I go uneaten, but un-drowned.

At this late stage in my life, I can rarely distinguish between the ordinary world of common people, and the nightmares in which I have dwelt for so long. This temporary bout of sanity is brought on, any healer would surely agree, by the certain knowledge that I am about to, once and for all, die. Still, I do not know whether the name of Aboleth is common knowledge in this world, or a secret kept by those loving few who have had the ill fortune to encounter them. In any event, it was an aboleth which had rescued me.

I do not believe I could bring myself to explain in detail the horrors of the aboleth to those blessed with ignorance. Suffice it to say that an aboleth is a foul, fish-like monster of the deeps. Their tentacled form is Continue reading