Halloween Scientists

I think I’ll dress up as a scientist for Halloween. But which one?

My first reflex was to go as Pavlov. I may or may not go as Schrödinger, but I feel a pull towards Newton. Einstein would be a relatively good costume! My friend has naturally selected Darwin, and another friend has a burning desire to go as Bunsen. Going as Niels would be a Bohr. I heard a number of people are going as Avogadro, and a there’ll be lot of Henry Ford costumes that are exactly the same. There’s a pair of identical twins going as Watson and Crick. I’m sure a Franklin costume would be electrifying, but if you want to do something revolutionary, go with Copernicus. Or for something really shocking, try Tesla! Edison would also be a bright idea, but my mother suggested Freud instead. Too bad Mama will not let me go as Galileo.

Maybe I’ll go around as Johannes Kepler, or perhaps Alexander Graham Bell is called for. A tiny part of me wants to go as Planck though. Someone needs to explain to me how to dress as Feynman. If I could just make a Turing costume I could dress up as anything. I tried a Rontgen costume but you could see right through it. I wish I were hot enough for a Celsius costume or sexy enough for Kinsey. Maybe the cure is to go as Alexander Fleming. Heisenberg might work, but I’m uncertain. You know, a Carl Sagan costume would be pretty far out, or I could see myself dressed as Edwin Hubble. If you don’t mind making a big project out of it, you could make a J. Robert Oppenheimer costume. I heard Ernst Mach would work, but someone beat me to it. Maybe I’ll just go out with a bang as Alfred Nobel. Wait, I know — Eureka! Archimedes!


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