Rogues Gallery: Chinami a.k.a. The Damsel of Deceit

Here’s the next member of my Rogues Gallery. It’s a succubus.

Chinami, a.k.a. The Damsel of Deceit a.k.a. “Melissa”

Chaotic Evil succubus bard/rogue

Chinami, a succubus demon, has dozens of disguises, hundreds of aliases, and only one goal: spreading corruption. Her favorite trick is to pose as a damsel in distress, tricking adventurers or other do-gooders into spreading mayhem as they try to “rescue” her. She has a particular hatred for wizards, or anyone who thinks they’re smart enough to control the uncontrollable energy that is magic. Although, as a demon and general sadist, she’s not too picky about her victims.

Appearance The Damsel of Deceit’s true form is rarely seen, for she is a shapeshifter of the greatest skill. Usually, she assumes the form of a cute young lady with a particularly innocent face, and of whichever race and ethnicity is most common in the area. When she cornered in her natural state, Chinami has wings and horns that clearly proclaim her demonic nature, not to mention hoofed feet, clawed hands and reddish skin. Like all other succubi, she’s breathtakingly beautiful if you overlook the whole demon thing. (This gives a good idea of what she looks like.)

Special Powers Chinami has the innate ability to sense particularly powerful souls, and enjoys twisting them to serve her own ends. As if her vast skill at mundane seduction were not enough, she can read thoughts, and implant magical suggestions into the minds of the weak-minded. If she seeks a more lethal option, all she needs is a kiss to drain the life force from her victims. And perhaps most insidious of all is her ability to grant a profane gift. With a simple caress she can grant any mortal man unholy strength, expanded intelligence, uncanny speed or the like. The cost of this “gift”? Only this: the succubus’ beguiling whispers twisting his mind.

Followers Chinami never wants for allies. Posing as a simple bard, it’s child’s play for her to ensnare as many assistance as she needs or wants at any given time. Usually, however, she clings to one mortal at a time, making him she loves him, and using him to support whatever identity she has adopted at the time. Her current “associate” is believed to be a human magus by the name of Gil or Giles.

Weaknesses Succubi like Chinami have naturally damage-resistant bodies, but are said to fear holy weapons, or those forged of cold iron. The Damsel of Deceit is not known to have any personal weaknesses, excepting perhaps the irrational hatred she has for wizards.

Survival Mechanism For one thing, Chinami has the ability to teleport anywhere in the world, with very little effort. For another, she can make herself ethereal, rendering her invisible to most mortals, and able to glide through almost any physical barrier.

Rap Sheet Wanted for the murders of a number of men who died apparently without injury, the lipstick on their faces the only clue. Suspected of stirring up mayhem while posing as a captive of a hobgoblin warband. Possible dealings with the Crowd. Believed connected to acts of seemingly senseless violence by seemingly normal warriors who encountered her shortly before going berserk.

Background/Bio There once was a powerful archwizard who took an interest in the Abyss. Years of study bought him an expertise at summoning and binding creatures of that evil place. In an act of hubris, the wizard decided that he wanted to brag to his wizard friends that he’d laid with a succubus, notorious for stealing the souls of men, and yet lived to tell the tale. Well, he was an expert summoner, and the binding went off without a hitch. After a short ritual, Chinami, the succubus he had called, was helpless to fight the powerful wizard. He had his way with the powerless Chinami in his tower. In the end, though, he never got to boast of his accomplishment. That night, his wife found out what he had done, and stabbed him in his sleep. Now Chinami would take her revenge… against the entire mortal world.

Last Seen In the city of Silverstream. Disguised as a bard called “Melissa,” she allowed herself to be captured by the Sevenfold Serpent (see next post!) as a ploy to grant her profane gift to Sif, an up-and-coming civic defender. She intended to use him to infiltrate the city guard, but Sif overcame her charm with the help of some friends, and tracked the succubus down. It was believed Sif snapped “Melissa’s” neck, but later sightings contradict this story. Using the last of her fading control over him, the succubus tricked him into believing her dead, when in fact, she had survived the blow thanks to her unnatural anatomy. The city watch believes the Damsel of Deceit is still at large in somewhere in Silverstream.


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