Rogues Gallery: Adamas the Diamond Djinn

Let’s say you’re Batman. You just captured the Joker, handed him over to the cops, and — hey, where’d you go? I just turned my back for a second… Oh, there you are. Stop doing that.

As I was saying. You’re Batman, and you just put the Joker behind bars. How long do you really think it will be before you’re facing him again? A few years? Few months? Next week? You know he’s not going to stay gone forever, right? He’s the goddamn Joker. He’s a great villain. Of course you’re gonna see him again. The writers love him too much to kill him off for good.

TVTropes calls this phenomenon Joker Immunity, and it’s a feature of a good comic book villain. Thanks to Joker Immunity, superheroes really only need a small number of villains to fight over and over again. Sometimes they’ll have a villain- or monster-of-the-week, but in the end, all you need to write a good superhero story is a list of usual suspects, villains to use over-and-over again. This is often called a Rogues Gallery.

Based on this concept, I’m putting together a Rogues Gallery of my own. The villains I have so far are designed for use with Pathfinder, but they’re not tied to that universe or game system. I think I’ll do one post per villain. Here is the first one.

Adamas, a.k.a. the Diamond Djinn

Lawful Evil shaitan monk

The Diamond Djinn is a djinn, or genie; a spirit of earth and ground. He believes that diamonds are holy treasures stolen from his underground realm, and that possession of them by mortals is blasphemy. He will do whatever it takes to recover these treasures, punish anybody who might possess them, and destroy all who would “steal” more diamonds from the planet’s crust.

Appearance Adamas resembles a ten-foot-tall human in perfect physical condition, with skin of polished blue diamond and glittering white eyes. He adorns himself in recovered diamonds, which over time meld into his body. (For a good idea of what one of his kind looks like, click the link above.)

Special Powers Earth is to him as air or water are to us. He can easily glide through solid rock, and even push his foes into stone walls, trapping them in solid earth. Because his skin is made of a form of diamond, he can shrug off blows from almost any weapon. This works both ways; blows from his mighty fists can break through almost any shield or armor. As if that were not enough, the Diamond Djinn can use his power over diamonds to release lethal crystal shards at his foes, or blind his enemies with glittering, crystalline powder.
Adamas has one more power that, mercifully, he cannot control. As a noble genie, Adamas has the ability to grant wishes. For whatever reason, his kind cannot use this power for themselves, but are restricted to answering the wishes of mortals. That said, he has some control over the exact manner in which these wishes are granted.

Followers  Adamas cares little for mortal folk; he makes bargains for the service of elementals or other such beings of spirit (outsiders, in D&D/Pathfinder parlance) as are willing to aid him. When is forced to deal with mortals, he finds no shortage of willing helpers, thanks to his ability to grant wishes.

Weaknesses There is a ritual which can trap any djinn in a prepared, magical receptacle. Ironically, the only thing that can trap Adamas is a pure diamond. If his body should become injured, he becomes less perfect than the pure gem, and is trapped within (at least temporarily). Apart from this, he has one other weakness: his true name. If his original, True Name were ever discovered and spoken in his presence, the Diamond Djinn’s power would be broken. However, to date no mortal has ever succeeded in learning this.

Survival Mechanism Like all of his kind, Adamas has the power to return to the earthen land from which he originally came. He can teleport there at any time. It should also be noted that no one is sure how to kill him; as a spirit of primeval diamond it is theorized that he will go on existing as long as diamonds do.

Rap Sheet Many acts of theft, aggravated assault, and murder upon diamond merchants and miners. Wanton acts of murder and mayhem related to the collapse of an occupied gem mine. Attempted theft of the royal crown of Lasant (upon which are set six of the largest diamonds in the world).

Background/Bio Diamonds, or so it is said, were the invention and brainchild of a powerful and noble djinn called Arcob the Great. Just before Arcob died, he sent his precious diamonds, all he had ever made, to the mortal world. He wished for all to appreciate their beauty and know that the earth holds such treasures. But his son, the one known as Adamas, felt cheated. As Arcob’s heir, it was he who should have rightfully inherited his father’s treasure (or so he claims). Mortals, he insists, are not worthy of such divine beauty. It was only in a moment of senile weakness that his father bequeathed the gift of diamonds to mortals. Adamas will stop at nothing to correct this mistake.

Last Seen In Lasant. His attempt to steal the Crown Jewels (at the Diamond Jubilee, no less) was thwarted by an impromptu team of investigators, who bound him in one of the very diamonds he was attempting to steal. Unluckily, it was only a few weeks later when one of the queen’s handmaidens was given the task of polishing the crown while the queen was at a feast. While rubbing the largest of the jewels with a rag, she muttered, “I wish I were at the feast.” Adamas was released from his diamond prison (much to the young handmaiden’s surprise). In accordance with her wish, he teleported her to the queen’s feast (much to the queen’s surprise), and ran off into the night.


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