Evil Campaign Ideas

Here are some ideas for RPG campaigns where the players are allowed to be evil. The hard thing about running such campaigns is that you need players to still be motivated towards some goal, and to avoid acting randomly (picking fights with NPCs who aren’t meant to be combatants). The first problem can be solved by giving them a well-defined mission, and the second problem can be solved by putting the fear of some higher power into them, either their own bosses or the long arm of the law. With that said, here are my Evil Campaign Ideas.

Kill The Batman In a city plagued by crime, one hero rises to protect the innocent and bring evildoers, like the players, to justice. The gang lords have gathered the party together for a simple mission: Kill the hero. Of course, it won’t really be quite so simple; he didn’t get to be the hero for no reason, you know. They’ll have to find out his one weakness and learn how to exploit it first, and possibly set up some kind of diversion so that when the confrontation finally comes, they can show that goody-two-shoes why evil always triumphs.

Heist! The Royal Vault is the home of the most valuable gems, gold, and works of art in the world. Its entrance is incredibly well protected. Breaking in is rumored to be impossible. But rumors speak of a secret

route in through the ancient sewer system. Can the players track down the underground path, make their way through the sewers, fight their way inside, and escape with the loot?

Our Thing The players are new recruits to a powerful crime family. Opportunities for violence and profit abound. After proving themselves and going through the Organization’s arcane initiation rites, they’ll start to get bigger and bigger jobs, rising through the ranks. They’ll have to avoid attracting attention from the city guard and those pesky adventurers, of course. But if the players reach the top, they may get to meet the Organization’s shadowy boss, and find out the dark truth underlying the whole underworld.

Crush the Rebels An upstart group of rebels, freedom fighters, and mercenaries has arisen. This alliance has been stealing weapons and stirring up trouble, all to challenge the tyrannical rule of the evil Emperor. The players work for said Emperor. Their mission? Fight back the terrorist horde, capture one of their leaders, find the location to their secret rebel fortress, lay siege to the insurgents, and wipe them out. All of them.

Sunken City of Sin Legends speak of an island city-state that was so wicked, the gods themselves buried it beneath the waves. For many ages it has lain in ruins, forgotten underwater. A powerful patron, possibly looking for arcane and evil secrets lost with the city, seeks to raise the dead island once again. The patron calls upon the players to defy the forces of good, and gather together components needed for the dark ritual. And who knows what the players will find there when they finally see it for themselves…

We Don’t Need Their Scum The players are no-questions asked bounty hunters, operating well outside the law. A series of missions appears to be unconnected, but a sinister thread connects all of the victims. Will the players discover the connection before it’s too late? Will they switch sides, making the sinister force behind all this their next target? Or will they just demand a larger cut of the profits, and see the scheme through to its conclusion?

War! Unh! The players decide, for personal reasons or because they’re being paid to, decide to foment war. It will be their job to dig up scandals, perform targeted assassinations, and silence peaceniks. Intrigue and espionage will be the players bywords, although brute force will play its role as often as not. If the players are successful, they’ll have the honor of striking the first blow that heralds a new age of warfare, hatred, and destruction.

Divine Interention A country gripped by overwhelming evil is suddenly invaded by an onslaught of paladins and angels. The players are defenders of the land and its wicked ways. Calling on dark forces and otherworldly allies, the party fights back against the righteous horde. Expect gratuitous use of spells that summon demons, devils, and other outsiders to aid the players in battle. Of course, such spells always have their price, as well.


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