Silverstream: Districts

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TANAGAR is the official name of Silverstream’s city center, taken from the historical name Augnagar. Most people just call the whole district The Church, after the enormous cathedral at its center.

The cathedral’s catacombs extend beneath the whole area bounded by the ancient walls, beneath the merchant carts and old apartments that make up the rest of the district. The top level of the catacombs is storage, and the second level is for Silverstream’s honored dead. Nobody’s sure what’s beneath


The best inn in Tanagar is the famous It’s Been Nice Inn.

THE SHACKS is a rather poor part of town, but it’s not crushingly destitute. The rickety, temporary structures the district was named after have been built up and torn down many times over the long years. They make cheap housing for the laborers on hard times, newcomers, or paupers who would otherwise be on the street.

The Shacks is a somewhat neglected part of town. Buildings come and go, and few take much notice of what goes on inside them, much to the pleasure of certain unsavory individuals.

The Fingernail Biter is the only tavern in the Shacks, ever since the last one fell down in a storm.

THE WALLS district is a shady side of town. Filled with old cobblestone structures built too long ago, mostly foreigners and nonhumans live there. In the Walls, the city guard is in a constant feud with a legendary crime syndicate called the Crowd.

The Crowd specializes in illegal gambling and slavery (which is only sometimes illegal), as well as extortion, smuggling, thievery, et cetera. They tend to disdain violent crime except as a punishment for violating their secret code of honor. The Lasani government officially denies the Crowd’s existence.

The Crowded Ear is the cleanest drink joint south of the Tiger River, but they say the price of a room is highway robbery.

THE BUTCHERS’ QUARTER has not only butchers, but craftsmen of all descriptions. There’s little for travelers, especially since its roads are twisty and hard to navigate, and it really does smell like raw meat from the slaughterhouses. But it does have a lot of little shops only locals know, the kind that sell useful magic tchotchkes or alchemical concoctions you don’t find in big markets.

The north part of the district is reserved for the Academy Argentae, and the south part is built around an old warehouse with no obvious entrances, owned personally by the Mayor’s estate. No one has really been bothered to find out what’s in there.

The local watering hole is called the Left-Handed Octopus.

THE ACADEMY ARGENTAE is one of the two great theological universities in Lasant. Its graduates go on to become clerics ordained in the state religion. But as students, the university members are notoriously rowdy. Normally ensconced in their gated campus, when they hit the town, they own it (or so they act).

Its rival in the far away Snowfort Mountains, Calken Academy, has a much stricter approach. In the Academy Argentae, they even allow the discussion of theories some inquisitors would consider treading close to heresy, or even dangerous. All in the name of learning, of course.

Academy students are famously forbidden from drinking anything but water, so the campus meeting place is the Tranqumber Library.

EELMARKET is where the large city marketplace is held, along with the occasional trade fair. Eels feed much of the population of Silverstream, but there is plenty to buy besides staple foods here. You can find almost anything in this enormous marketplace, if you come at the right time. You could even afford some of it if you know how to haggle.

Weapons, armor, magic, even the occasional legendary artifact have all traded hands in Eelmarket. The town guard enforces the law extremely strictly here, which is why the courthouse sits on an Eelmarket hill, watching over every transaction. Would-be thieves and pickpockets beware.

The Buried Dog public house is always packed after the market closes.

SWEETHILLS was the name chosen for the wealthiest district in Silverstream. The Lady Mayor’s estate stands proudly on the tallest of the hills, surrounded by the abodes of the rich and famous of the town. The finest artisans in the city also live here, though usually above their shops, not in mansions.

The watchful town guard doesn’t permit outsiders or the lower classes to linger in Sweethills. Fortunately, come festival days, the charitable rich host enormous outdoor feasts for the public, even if they’re still not allowed inside the Sweethills homes. This practice has been curtailed this year, however, owing to the construction of a special pavilion for the Queen’s forthcoming visit on the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee.

There is a hotel and restaurant in Sweetwater called Adulterous Boots, with tiny rooms and sour drinks that cost a fortune.

TUFAR NORTH, originally just called North, is an expansion to Sweethills built not too long ago. A previous Lady Mayor ordered the construction and underwrote most of it herself, so that the lower classes might have have affordable homes and storefronts to share the nice part of town. She built Castle-like apartments to be shared by multiple families, and improvements like wells, markets, grainhouses. Then she invited the poor of Silverstream to come to the North district. It flourished for a decade or so, but then fell into rapid decay.

Nobody really understands what went wrong. Theories range from poor planning to sabotage by a rival nation to a curse dating back to the time of Augnagar. Whatever the reason, Poverty and crime gripped the district so strongly, it put The Shacks and The Walls to shame. Now the district is mostly abandoned, except by an unfortunate, dedicated unit of the city guard. Even the Crowd won’t touch the place.

Visitors looking for accomodations in Tufar are advised to look harder.

THE NORTH STADIUM escaped the decay that has gripped the rest of Tufar North. Now, it and its immediate surroundings are the only reason to go north of Sweethills. Races, fights, and the popular sport of Flimflam take place there, for public entertainment and delight. Sports or spectacles of some kind are held there almost every week, twice weekly during the mild summers. The stadium was originally built as part of the North project, but it draws spectators from all over the city, and indeed, the region.

Tales that the stadium is haunted by the vengeful ghost of a popular athlete are simply rumors fueled by a series of unfortunate sporting accidents. Probably.

Stadium-goers can obtain refreshments from the Fastest Man In The World, a nearby bar and brewery.

TENTVILLE skulks outside Silverstream proper. Not an official part of the city, Tentville is literally a mass of tents, pitched in one of the firmer parts of the marsh to the west. Only convicted criminals live there.

Banishment from the city is a popular punishment when a fine is too kind and execution too cruel, but even most convicts choose to brave the wilderness between Silverstream and the next city, rather than live in the disease and poverty stricken Tentville. People stay there in hope of receiving a pardon (not unheard of), to stay near their families, or so their future children can go live in the city.

Visitors other than family members will probably be robbed blind unless they bring gifts of food or drink, neither of which is easy to find in the marsh.


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