More Campaign Ideas

Everyone Loves A Succession Crisis A small kingdom is experiencing a succession crisis. It is a vassal of another state, which has declared that it will recognize the second son as the next king. But the law of the land states that the eldest son must become king. A civil war is brewing, and all nations have a stake. Will it remain a state under the dominion of another? Will a neighboring country step in, expecting influence and power in return? Or will the small kingdom rise to become the next great power in the world?

The Truth Is Out There In the middle of what used to be a featureless desert, a strange tower made of iron seems to have arisen out of the sand. Inside, adventurers find a terrible secret: It didn’t grow out of the earth. It fell from the heavens, along with the strange invaders inside. This was just a scouting party… it’s up to the adventurers to prepare the defenders of this world, and fight back against the aliens!

Turnabout Dragon The princess of the kingdom has been kidnapped. Heroes from all over are preparing to assault the local dragon… who denies everything, and hires some heroes of his own. Can they dig up the trail of false evidence, prove the dragon’s innocence, unravel the conspiracy, find the real culprit, and rescue the princess? Or must the poor dragon pay a terrible price for a crime he didn’t commit?

Those Damn Gnomes A small gnome village is discovered to sit atop the world’s richest adamantine deposit. Just about everyone, including the evil human baron, the greedy duergar, and the heartless dragon want to get those damn gnomes out of the way so they can start digging. Are there a band of gnomes with the guts, smarts, and sheer old gnomish whaddaya-call-it to keep the mine in gnomish hands? (Could work for any race other than human.)

Angels vs. Demons vs. Devils vs. Inevitables vs…. Thanks to a recent schism in the boundaries between planes, a number of extraplanar beings have started appearing in the mortal world. Mortal heroes need to pick a side, fast: angels, demons, devils, and other entities are seeking mortal assistance as they vie for control of the world. And some speak of another path, an ancient power which could drive off all the outsiders for good. High fantasy, multiplanar fun here.

Where In The Multiverse Is Carmen Sandiego? The Orb of MacGuffin is the only thing preventing evil from taking over the world. But a wicked bandit has stolen it, and fled to another plane! The party must simply track her down and get it back. She leads them on a planes-hopping adventure, during which the party learns a secret or two about the cosmos, and learns that there’s more to the crook they’re chasing than meets the eye. Returning the stolen treasure might be harder than it sounds!

Super Epic Dungeon Crawl Beneath ruins from a long dead civilization, lies an unexplored network of caverns leading to a subterranean city. Needless to say, the treasures to be found there are beyond imagining. There are mysteries to be solved too — whatever happened to this old civilization, anyway? And does it have anything to do with the evil monsters lurking beneath the earth, plotting to overthrow the surface world at this very moment? (Looking at a campaign-long dungeon crawl here.)

Mission: Really Hard A vast network of criminals and revolutionaries is threatening to overthrow the kingdom. The party’s mission, should they choose to accept it, is to infiltrate this organization of evil as new recruits. Earn their trust, do whatever it takes. When get into the inner circle and find out who is really running the show, that will be the time to strike. Expect the party to be given some specialized high-magic spy gear to aid them in their mission. Also works for evil PCs infiltrating a good revolution.

Exit Strategy The Emperor is evil and corrupt. Kill him. Once that’s done, congratulations, mission accomplished… except, now, all the criminal elements and mad cultists the Emperor had been repressing come to tangle with the corrupt generals for control of the newly liberated country. A team of brave adventurers might be able to restore order to this ugly situation, not to mention, clear their names for having started it in the first place. Watch out for the fanatic Lawful Neutral nation nearby who will gladly flatten the country, civilians and all, if you can’t fix it.


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