Character Bio: Macher Kishef

The primary reason for diminished posting from me is the fact that I’m now putting a lot of my creative energy into the campaign I’m running, the Meier world campaign I described earlier. But there’s a second local campaign, in which I am but a player. Here is a bio of the character I play. There’s a bit more to his backstory that I sent to the GM, but Macher wouldn’t tell it to his allies, so I left it out.

Relevant history for this world: Nirmathas and Molthune are two warring nations. Fangwood is a forest that borders both nations. Lastwall is an ally of Nirmathas, but which is not at war.

Macher Kishef (MAH-kher KISH-if) is a 40-year-old, neutral good, halfling male who hails from Tamran, Nirmathas. Macher always wanted to be a wizard, but his father, Bissly, encouraged Macher to join him in the army. Bissly felt very strongly about the conflict with Molthune, although Macher didn’t. So Macher apprenticed under a human named Stein, learning the magical arts, while his father taught him to fight. His father’s fighting style, which Macher has managed to hone, involves leveraging a halfling’s small size and dexterity, so that he spins and twirls around the battlefield, getting in strikes where they do the most damage. Macher didn’t inherit Bissly’s religious beliefs, though, choosing instead to venerate Nethys like his teacher Stein.

After Macher finished his training, he joined the Nirmathi guerillas in Fangwood like his father wanted him to. Not only did he prove an able fighter, but he quickly became, if not a leader, a great maker of rallying speeches, for the various guerilla groups to come together and stand against the evil empire of Molthune. This, combined with his rather flamboyant fighting style, made him very popular amongst the Nirmathi soldiers, and this popularity went a bit to his head.

Macher joined up with an elite unit that most people weren’t sure he qualified for, but he had gotten so big-headed by this point that he insisted. In fact, he ended fighting with them very well. They earned a black name in Molthune, and were heroes in Nirmathas (at least, that’s what Macher would tell anyone who’d listen).

Apart from all the interesting characters he met in the army, he also made a strange new friend. One day, while the army was camping, a little blue bird with an injured wing landed in the middle of camp and started hopping around frantically. The troops said its wild dance and apparent demand to be the center of attention reminded them of Macher. So Macher took the bird and cared for it until its wing was fixed. Remembering his master Stein’s raven familiar, Macher performed the familiar binding ritual with the thrush. The thrush started talking. It said it wanted to be called “Hok” (NOT “hawk”, thank you very much), and that its wing was clipped by Molthunian troops preparing a nearby ambush. In this way Hok saved Macher’ platoon. Hok has a rather ascerbic personality, which has a strangely calming effect on Macher, giving him more patience when speaking diplomatically.

Unfortunately, Macher’s term in the military was short lived. Bissly, serving at the same time in a different unit, was killed by Molthunian forces in a raid gone awry. This forced Macher to come home and help his mother, Bamba, raise his six younger siblings. Macher felt the loss of his father keenly, and hated having to come home and care for his family in anonymity when he could be out making a name for himself. He never forgave Molthune. But at the same time, he started to resent living in Nirmathas. The halfling did care for his mother, brothers, and sisters, and he thought they would do much better if they weren’t in such a war-torn nation. As the new head of household, he decided to move his family to Lastwall. Macher had lost interest in political concepts like freedom and empire.

The Kishefs sailed north to Lastwall. Macher settled his family in a quiet village by the lake, where there was little danger that Macher could see. His oldest sister was only a year younger than him, and capable of helping his mother manage the family. So Macher felt that he could stop wasting his amazing abilities in domestic life and go back out to test his mettle.

As far as he’s concerned, he’s been aceing the test. He spent a few months as a sellsword, and made a tidy sum of money. But mercenary work was, according to him, too easy. He spent half a year as a traveling adventurer, solving problems for common folk who needed a helping sword. He was the sort of person who would accept little or no pay for his good deeds, but would go about loudly proclaiming how righteous and generous he was. Then he solved a problem involving a local wererat, and since then, he’s decided to become a lycanthrope hunter. A year or so of experience hasn’t put him quite on a par with the lifelong pros, but he doesn’t seem to know that.

Macher thinks he’s a big shot. Having six siblings who looked up to him, being his father’s favorite, getting cheers from his fellow troops, all went to his head. Now he’s quite convinced that he’s either the greatest hero of the age, or destined to become it. He also thinks he’s quite the charmer. Which is true, as far as it goes; he’s become quite good at making his way in social circles, ironically due to his time navigating the disparate guerilla units in the middle of Fangwood. As far as his combat prowess is concerned, he’s an ace with a scimitar, but he has a long way to go if he wants to live up to the reputation he thinks he has.

When Macher heard of the Mayor’s promised reward, he went straight to Vellumis. He was in the area anyway, but that wasn’t why he went. Clearly whatever trouble there was in Vellumis needed a hero of Macher’s caliber to resolve. Although he could use some allies for a change. The last group of lycanthrope hunters he was with chucked him out — something about having a big head. He’d allow some of the new group of aspiring hunters to join him, especially those who looked particularly skilled. The rest might as well have stayed home. Macher Kishef was on the case.

Physical description: 3 foot 0 inches, weighs 33 pounds, blonde hair, brown eyes, wears leather armor, carries a mithril scimitar, a crossbow, and a light backpack. He wears a traveler’s outfit, which he has dyed blue (to match Hok). Also has a feather cap he’s quite fond of.


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