24, Part 1

A while ago, during a boring class, I wrote the outline for a full season of 24. The show has been canceled now, and the direction the show took doesn’t quite mesh with the story I had planned. But I don’t think it matters much. I have a lot of notes, and I don’t think they’re all worth posting, but I am going to put up my hour-by-hour summary. This is part one.

The following takes place from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM. Events occur in real time.

  1. An undercover agent in a terror cell calls home to base, telling them about an assassination attempt to take place later that day. He is shot dead before explaining who the target is. The Counter Terrorist Unit calls Jack Bauer. JB claims that he’s retired, that he was fired, that he never worked for CTU anyway, that he is a foreign spy, and that he is dead, and then he hangs up. Then Kim calls and says she’s coming over. Suddenly Jack decides to help out CTU after all. He meets the current crew, which includes Chloe, director Jason Farber, agents Harold Petin and Nick Sarro, and Jeannie Prun, who Chloe has brought over from a different CTU location, for training. Meanwhile, an apparently unrelated man named Walter Barry tells his family he has to leave early for work, because he has an important meeting. As the episode closes, we see him on the phone, planning to sell weapons to the terrorists.
  2. Jack Bauer learns of some potential targets for the assassination. The most likely target is a campaign fundraiser in Los Angeles for Vice President Joe Packer’s presidential run, at which both he and outgoing President Barack O. Palmer will be speaking. But they could be using that as a diversion for their real target. Before he was shot, the informant told CTU that the terrorists, who are violent American anarchists, are about to purchase needed weapons from an arms dealer named Walter Barry. CTU is planning a sting operation at the meet, and Jack is put in charge. Nick Sarro says he should be in charge, but Jack growls at him until he backs down. Harold Petin is caught making a suspicious phone call, which turns out to be to his grandmother. Meanwhile, Walter Barry leaves for the site of the swap. As the episode closes, Jack leaves with his team for the site of the swap, too, which is in a suburb 40 miles outside of town.
  3. Jack Bauer and his team arrive at the ambush site immediately, and take up positions. Chloe is monitoring. We see Barry get to the swap and start chatting with the terrorists, but Jack and Chloe are still waiting. She realizes nobody is coming to the site, and that they must have been wrong about the location. It looks like her student Jeannie made a mistake with the data, and the meeting could have been at two other sites, too. Jack decides to split his team, over the protests of Nick Sarro, who is to lead the second strike team. Meanwhile, President Palmer is nervous about continuing the event in light of the threat, but VP Packer is smug about nothing going wrong, so Palmer decides to go through with it. Harold Petin and Director Farber berate Jeannie for the mistake, and Chloe for not doing it herself. As the episode ends, Jack reaches his site, and sends in his team — but nobody’s there.
  4. Nick Sarro reaches the other possible swap site, and gets shot at by a sniper who he manages to take out quickly. Jack says to send in his men immediately because Jack and his team will take almost an hour to get there, but Sarro wants to wait, and Director Farber, idiotically, sides with Sarro. Chloe, looking to see why Jeannie screwed up, realizes it was actually sabotage. There must be a mole in CTU. Jeannie looks suspiciously nervous. Petin thinks it’s her. Farber wants everyone to keep doing their jobs and let him worry about the mole. Vice President Packer realizes that his rival, Senator Powell, has scheduled his press conference at the same time as the Democratic fundraiser. Jack finally gets to the site of the arms deal, where Walter Barry closes the sale and hands over the big guns. As the episode closes, Jack Bauer, Nick Sarro, and the CTU strike team move in, expecting a big firefight.

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