Gigas Flashforward: Magellan Nanofiction

These aren’t part of Gigas’ Tale. They’re nanofiction, 55-word stories about current goings on in our D&D campaign.

Don’t Feed The Sea Monsters

The undertaker couldn’t recognize the charred uniform – he’d died of a fireball to the face. “Looks Southumberlish — bury him at sea?” he suggested. Gigas recognized his own spellwork. “He’s a Blue Royal,” Gigas lied. “One of ours.” Gigas had zero respect for anyone who attacked a city. But the sahuagin had eaten enough today.

I Even Used My Own Body Spray

Come on, baby! What do you mean I’m not your type? No, I’m not drunk, I’m just celebrating! These aren’t bad manners, this is how dwarves talk! Of course I can handle you, my handle’s right there, see? So let’s you and me… What’s that? Oh, well, I am a waraxe. You’ve got me there.

Meanwhile In The Warehouse

Laid upon the workroom bench was an undetonated torpedo. Three men stood 40 feet away, watching the expert at work. One wrong wire cut, and the warehouse would go up in flames. Marshall steadied his hands, and made his choice. Snip. “There, it should be working now. What? Why would I want to DISarm it?”


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